Alternative Health Camps

Are you in search of a credible name organizing and hosting alternative healing health camps? Do you wish to have a professional guidance that can help you in curing health issues? Well, at Panchgavya Healthcare India Pvt Ltd, you have find the best solution. Ours is a team of professionals, trainers and volunteers, who work together and organize health camps in country.


With a mission to serve Gau Mata and humanity, it is our humble duty to help and donate as much as possible. During our health camps, we offer consultations, treatment and classes completely FREE of cost. Camps may include lectures, demos, printed information, healthy lifestyle tips and more. Topics covered are Panchgavya Chikitsa, yoga, meditation, neurotherapy, naturotherapy, food and nutrition, holistic approaches and more. We guide patients on a path to health, wealth and happiness using completely safe and natural methods of healing.

To know more about us and offered services, reach us anytime through our website.


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