Complete Panchgavya based hair care in one bottle! This ultra nourishing, SLS FREE formula cleanses, conditions, eliminates dandruff, prevents breakage, split ends & hair loss, slows down graying and leaves hair with a silky shine. For naturally strong, healthy, luminous hair!
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Carcinex:It is a proprietary Ayurvedic Holistic medicine. It is basically used to treat Cancer Patient. Carcinex is produced from the urine of healthy, indigenous, non-hybrid Himalayan cows and divine herbs.
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Carcinex Tablet

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Eyeron is Ayurvedic medicine used in eye related issues. It is a safe & natural product, so has no side effect. It is a Panchgavya product which is produced from the Panchgavya of healthy, indigenous, non-hybrid Himalayan cows. It is basically made to cure eye related issues.
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