Our Vision

Panchgavya Healthcare is a unit of Gotirthashram engaged in the production and marketing of Panchgavya. By combining 100% Indigenous Indian Cow urine and Panchgavya with divine herbs, Panchgavya Healthcare produces all natural, Ayurvedic medicines and health products, ensuring the highest quality and cured patients!

"It’s our mission to save the cow by educating humanity about her precious, lifesaving gifts, providing them to all. It is never our goal to gain profit, but to give prosperity."

We are a completely Non-Violent and Cruelty-Free organization, and our cows receive the utmost love and care! We constantly monitor each and every cow on all our gaushalas, as well as the cows distributed amongst farmers throughout Uttarakhand. Our products are NEVER tested on animals.

Our efforts are in serving and saving, never earning or gaining. In fact, nearly all profits go towards the efforts of serving Gau Mata and the proper maintenance of our gaushalas. This way we can continue our mission in Gau Seva, educating people and giving back to our communities and nature.