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Panchgavya Healthcare is a concern of Gotirthashram, which is engaged in the production and marketing of Panchgavya. We are also engaged in the service of holy cow and thus humanity.

We combine the urine of indigenous Indian cow with herbs to produce natural and ayurvedic medicines and other healthcare products. The purity and hygiene in manufacturing ensure great results.

Panchgavya Healthcare believes in curing the sick and serving the humanity. We take utmost care that the cows whom we consider our Maa is kept in hygienic conditions and fed well. Not only do we take care of our gaushala but also throughout Uttarakhand. The mission of our life is Gau Seva and we service towards humanity.

Panchgavya Products

Panchgavya Healthcare is a unit of Gotirthashram, which is a Non Profit Organisation. The work was initiated under the guidance of Swami Vishudhanand ji of Koteshwar whom we consider as our Guru and the guiding light. He established Gaushalas throughout Uttarakhand with a mission to reestablish the lost divinity of our Gau Mata.


140.00 Shiping Charges
Name: Arthorid Liquid Category: Analgesic, Antiarthritic, Pain Relief, Pain Management,...


160.00 Shiping Charges
Name: Cardipro Liquid Category: Cardiovascular Health, Healthy Heart, Heart Tonic,...


140.00 Shiping Charges
Name: Livon Category: Liver Disfunction, Kidney Malfunction, Detoxifier,...

Breathon Liquid

140.00 Shiping Charges
Name: Breathon Liquid Category: Respiratory Health, Kapha Imbalance Price: Rs. 140...


140.00 Shiping Charges
Name: Digeston Category: Digestion, Digestive Tonic, Metabolism, Appetite Stimulant, Body...


160.00 Shiping Charges
Name: Diabenil Liquid Category: Diabetes Treatment Price: Rs....


50.00 Shiping Charges
Name: Eyron Category: Optical Health, Eye Disease Prevention, Vision...


140.00 Shiping Charges
The composition of Renol: Each 100 ml contains: Liquid...


140.00 Shiping Charges
Name: Feverex Category: Antipyretic, Natural Fever Treatment, Total...

Gastro Liquid

140.00 Shiping Charges
Name: Gastro Liquid Category: Gastrointestinal Health, Digestion, Metabolism, Indigestion, Bloating,...

Gastro Tablet

85.00 Shiping Charges
Name: Gastro Tablet Category: Gastrointestinal Health, Digestion, Metabolism, Indigestion, Bloating,...


140.00 Shiping Charges
Name: Dermol Category: Skin Care, Healthy Skin, Clear...

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