Arthritis, Pain, Inflammation

Excess vata (air) is one of the primary causes of pain. According to Ayurvedic texts, cow urine is prescribed as the best vata healer or regulator. Our R&D team has sourced powerful anti-vat herbs, which are processed with Gomutra, creating a safe and powerful remedy without any harmful side effects or addictive qualities of allopathic painkillers.

Gotirth Arthorid is a highly effective cure for ALL 80 types of vat diseases. It provides rapid relief for any type of muscle pain, cramping, joint pain, etc. It works simply and naturally by enhancing the digestive fire. Undigested food, which causes excess vata (air) is reduced or eliminated, therefore relieving pain, cramps, etc.

Another cause of inflammation is vitiation of Kapha dosha, or excess mucus. Gotirth O-Flamin works to correct kapha imbalance by reducing kapha.


Arthorid Dosage: 10ml-20ml (up to 50 in chronic conditions) with 5g-10g castor oil in half cup hot water along with 1-2 Arthorid tablets 2x or 3x daily on empty stomach. For best results use with Artho-Relief massage oil.

O-Flamin Dosage: 10-20 ml 2x daily with equal quantity water or honey, or as directed by the physician.

VitaGreen Dosage: 5g-8g with 1-2 spoons organic, raw honey (Sweetener optional. Do not use refined white sugar). Mix well in 1 glass luke warm water. Take on empty stomach in morning and evening.

Aromatherapy Dhoopbati: Invigorating Vata, Karmic Kapha

Precautions & Healthy Lifestyle Choices