Desi Gomutra naturally activates the pancreas. The result is an increase in metabolism leading to proper digestion of sugars. It also controls the proper secretion of insulin.

Diabenol is truly a boon for diabetic patients as they can safely and easily manage diabetes without any harmful side effects of allopathic medicine or painful needles. Anti-diabetic herbs are processed in panchgavya multiplying the efficacy leading to improved conditions within 2 weeks. Clinical trials and testimonials of thousands of patients using Diabenol prove a 95% success rate. Patients decreased or completely stopped the use of insulin, even those consuming up to 40 units! Patients suffering from poor circulation, numbness and other effects of diabetes experienced immediate relief, and diabenol can also be used on slow healing wounds. Most allopathic treatments for diabetes have an adverse effects on the liver, kidney and heart. Diabenol has absolutely no harmful reactions and actually reverses the side effects done by those medicines.


Diabenol Dosage: 20ml-50ml (depending on condition) along with 2-4 Diabenol tablets 2x daily. Mix liquid with ½ cup water and consume on empty stomach.

VitaGreen Dosage: Mix 5g-8g with 1 glass luke warm water. Take on empty stomach in morning and evening. Organic, unrefined sweetener may be added (stevia, monk fruit, brown rice syrup, malted barley syrup).

Precautions & Healthy Lifestyle Choices