Respiratory Disorders, Asthma, Congestion

Breathon works on the complete respiratory system providing relief from sneezing, asthma, cough, tuberculosis, etc. These are caused due to the adverse effects of excess of Kapha. Breathon controls the secretions of kapha (mucus), increases digestion, tones the lungs, eliminates bacteria of chest, relieves congestion, It opens the lung walls, increasing the capacity of holding oxygen.

Breathon Dosage: 20ml-50ml with ½ cup warm water along with 2-4 Breathon tablets 2x daily.

Nasorine Dosage: Heat lukewarm & instil 2 drops 2x daily in both nostrils, or as directed by the physician.

Aromatherapy Dhoopbati: Karmic Kapha

Precautions & Healthy Lifestyle Choices