Alternative Health Camps

  • Our team of highly experienced doctors, devotees and disciples host alternative health camps throughout India. Consultations are always FREE of cost as our only wish is to educate and serve society. Health camps include free consultations and diagnosis, lectures, yoga classes and/or other natural healing tips and techniques, food/ refreshments and if possible, some time with our beloved cows!

    We also offer training courses, so you can bring the divine knowledge of Panchgavya Chikitsa and other natural healing therapies to serve your community. Training courses range from 3-5 days and include accommodations and meals, daily lectures on Panchgavya Chikitsa, Gau Mata and other alternative healing therapies, etc., yoga asana and meditation classes, field trips to gaushalas and other related locations, and more!

    Check our website and Facebook page@panchgavyahealthcare (insert link here) daily to see the dates for upcoming events or contact us to schedule a camp or training course!