Panchgavya Agriculture Based Consultancy

Our team of Gau bhaktas are very environmentally and health conscious. that’s why we are extremely against the use of chemical-based fertilizers and pesticides. We have developed a complete agricultural system based on ancient Vedic technique.  There are absolutely no chemicals used. Organic fertilizers and compost are created from cow dung and pest repellents from cow urine. These methods are 100x more effective as they replenish essential nutrients and microorganism in the earth rather than depleting it like commercial products. They also retain the nutrients in the products themselves, so you are consuming much more nutrient dense foods. Most importantly, there are no chemicals or toxins polluting the environment or harmful to your health!

We sell these panchgavya based products and offer consultations if you would like to convert your farming practices. We will train, guide and offer discounted rates. Please inquire now!